About Us

Our Story

Welcome to Splashmate, where our mission is to transform bath time into an enjoyable, mess-free experience for families worldwide. Our journey began not in a corporate boardroom, but in the heart of a family home in Australia.

Meet Lawrence: The Dad Behind the Innovation

Splashmate was born from the real-life challenges faced by Lawrence, a dedicated dad navigating the daily adventures of parenting. Like many parents, Lawrence loved hearing the laughter and joy of his children, Mia and Noah, during bath time. Yet, with the fun came the inevitable - a bathroom turned into a miniature ocean, complete with its own set of waves and puddles sprawling across the floor.

The Eureka Moment

As Lawrence tiptoed around the tiny torrents, trying not to slip, he realized something had to change. The heartwarming giggles were a treasure, but the aftermath of mini floods? Not quite. It wasn't just about avoiding the extra cleanup; it was about finding a balance between fun and practicality.

That's when the idea of Splashmate sparked to life. It wasn’t about starting a business; it was about a dad, driven by love and practicality, seeking a real solution. Splashmate isn't just a product; it's a parent's heartfelt response to a universal challenge.

Our Mission

At Splashmate, we're more than just a brand. We're a story of family, innovation, and the simple desire to make everyday life a little easier and a lot more fun. Our bathtub splash guard is designed to keep the laughter in and the mess out. It's our way of ensuring that the only thing overflowing during bath time is joy, not water.

Join Our Splashmate Family

We invite you to be a part of our journey. With Splashmate, transform your bathroom from a splash zone to a haven of fun and cleanliness. Let's make bath time a cherished moment, free from the hassle of post-bath puddles.

Welcome to Splashmate – where every splash tells a story!